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Creating a USB-C Passthrough with power charging detection

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Hey all I have a project I am needing to do but I'm unsure as to the best way to go about doing it.

What I am wanting to do is check to see if a tablet or laptop is plugged into the USB-c cable so that I can have a visual representation of confirmation that it is connected correctly.

Most of the tablets I am using do not have any visible feature that showcases that its plugged in or not. But even if it did i would never be able to see it due to the tablets being close together.

This is what my setup I created looks like:
enter image description here

When your placing the tablet/laptop into the slots from the front it's difficult to tell if it made it into the connector or missed it.

So my idea was to create a PCB that has 6 female USB-C inputs and 6 female USB-C outputs. But I am not sure what I need to test on the pins to determine if its connected to something or not? I plan on using an arduino to check the voltage and see if it drops XX amount when something is plugged in but again, there may be a better way of checking it?

My PCB would look similar to this one but without the headers and holes and with more than one set: enter image description here

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