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Please help to determine which silk screen is genuine

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I bought the SN65C3232DR from the e-commerce platform and found that it is different from the silk screen of the IC that was previously placed. Searching the specifications of SN65C3232DR, there is no silk screen description, and it is impossible to judge whether it is genuine. Please help verify,TKS!


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First off one can  not read the text on the second IC. They claim fake ICs come in two types; those that are commercial grade and sold as military grade.

And those that are used from discarded equipment. The latter type may well have the  correct text on them. I gather  they do not manufacture fake ICs as they are too inexpensive to be bothered with.

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These units have valid lot codes as well.

The difference between SN65C3232DR and SN65C3232EDR relates to their ESD rating.  Both are rated for 15 kV (HBM) on the RS-232 signal pins.  However, the "E" version has an additional specification for the more-severe IEC 61000-4-2 ESD model (8 kV for contact discharge, 15 kV for air discharge).



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