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Hello, I have recently embarked on the journey of learning electronics, but I find myself lacking proper guidance regarding the next steps to take. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate any electronics experts in my local area. Therefore, I have turned to the internet in search of assistance. I have already delved into introductory electronics books by Earl Gates and studied beginner schematics. I would greatly appreciate any help or recommendations regarding the direction I should pursue in my electronics learning. Specifically, I am interested in knowing about any useful books that could further enhance my understanding.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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It's great to hear that you're diving into the world of electronics! Since you've already started with introductory books and schematics, here are some recommendations to further enhance your understanding in electronics:

"The Art of Electronics" by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill: This is a comprehensive guide that goes beyond the basics. The mentioned book covers a wide range of topics with practical examples and insights.

  1. "Practical Electronics for Inventors" by Paul Scherz and Simon Monk: This book offers hands-on guidance and practical projects to help. The book written by "Paul Scherz" helps you apply your knowledge to real-world applications.

  2. Online resources and tutorials: Websites like Adafruit, SparkFun, Electronics-Tutorials.ws, and All About Circuits offer tutorials, projects, and forums to help you learn the things practically.

  3. Join online forums and communities: Platforms like Quora, Reddit's r/electronics and other electronics platforms can be great places to ask questions. You can also share your progress, and learn from experts.

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