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How to achieve WiFi signal coverage between two houses using directional antennas?

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Hello everyone,

I have a network coverage challenge and would like some guidance. I have two houses about 15 meters apart and don't consider running cables to connect them. Here are my questions:

Room 1: This house has a router that connects to the internet via fiber optic cable. The router provides Wi-Fi signal coverage, but the range is limited.

Room 2: There is no GSM network coverage in this house, so I need to provide Wi-Fi signal so that users can use Wi-Fi calling. House No. 2 is approximately 15 meters away from House No. 1 and there is no physical barrier.

My plan is to install a signal amplifier in house #2 that will receive the Wi-Fi signal from the router in house #1 and then spread this signal throughout house #2.

My question is, is this possible with a directional antenna? If so, what kind of antenna should I use? What factors do I need to consider to ensure a stable signal between two houses?

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