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allowing 0.1 volt or greater “filter” in 12v DC

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I have a DC 12v circuit using Eagle Timer  A103-006 - Eagle Signal - Panel Mount Timer, Elapsed Time Indicators, 115 VAC (newark.com)



I was going to use the OUT/unwind signal to the winch as my trigger to begin the Eagle timer counting. 

I timed 1 revolution equals 1 ft of rope release.   I plan to use the timer to count how many feet I have out. Therefore, when off I should have 0 volts.

To my dismay there is actually 0.0009 Volt DC and this is enough to start A103-006 to start counting....ugh don't want it too!

When I operate the winch OUT/unwind position, I measure 0.100V DC.  When the winch operates IN/wind-up position, I measure 10+ V DC.

I learned of zener diode.  I am not sure this will help with such a low voltage.

 Where can I obtain a component that only allows 0.1 volt signal to pass through so Eagle timer can be used?

Please advise of my options. thank you


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Perhaps  a voltage comparator? See: Comparator 

 You could use the 12 volts to trigger a relay that supplies a voltage to the timer?  The relay should require more than 10 volts to trigger the relay to avoid the rewind?  It is not clear where the 0.0009 volt and 0.1 volt signal comes from.

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