Features: Scope, Meter, & FFT displays, FFT peak tracking with readout, Quickly take screenshots, High contrast colors for view-ability

Cover art Circuit Jam

Meet Circuit Jam, an amazing new puzzle game from creators of EveryCircuit. We’ve gamified circuit learning, making is super fun, challenging, and rewarding.

Resistor SMD code calculator

This Resistor SMD code calculator will code and decode 4 code types.

PCB Droid

PCB Droid provides an easy way to design your printed circuit boards for your electronic DIY projects. It can be an extension hardware for your raspberry PI or arduino panel, or even a printed circuit board for the drone or 3d printer you designed. Create your custom PCBs on your mobile and on your tablet fast and efficiently. Share and export your finished designs. Save time by working on your projects during your daily commute, no matter where you are.

Waveform generator

The program generator of signals, with the task of parameters in real time. It generates the following types of signals: sinusoidal, rectangular, triangular, sawtooth, noise (white, pink and Brownian), AM (DB and DSB-SC) and FM signals. The software is paid, but there is a free version with limitations.

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