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Analog Office

Easy to use, flexible and accurate end-to-end design system for solving problems in the development of analog and high-frequency integrated circuits, as well as their preparation for mass production.


A small but useful program that allows you to present the design of the radio path according to the key characteristics of the transmitter or receiver stages. Analog Devices produces a wide range of various RF products, with most microelectronic circuit components converting signals being accompanied by proprietary design packages, evaluation boards, and other resources that simplify the development of new devices. One of these additional tools is the ADIsimRF application, which allows you to simulate the passage of signals through high-frequency circuits, independently calculate some data from both transmitting and receiving paths, and also select the corresponding Analog Devices chips.

VIPer Design Software

An interactive software package for calculating the parameters of switching power supplies based on the VIPer chip series manufactured by STMicroelectronics .


Interactive online environment created for the rapid design of pulsed sources based on microchips from STMicroelectronics. eDesignSuite allows you to design your own power supply and calculate the ratings of external components in a few steps.

SwitcherPro - Switching Power Supply Design Tool

A software package that helps you quickly and easily design your own switching power supplies and DC / DC converters based on devices from Texas Instruments . SwitcherPro™ Online or Desktop Design software allows you to design power supplies with Texas Instruments TPS40K™ controllers, low-power DC/DC converters and SWIFT™ (TPS54xxx) point-of-load step-down DC/DC products. Use SwitcherPro power supply design software to create, manage and share custom power supply designs. This software provides EVM designs that you can use for reference or starting points for custom power supply designs. In addition, passive components such as inductors and NexFet Transistors are now included in both the online and desktop applications. The desktop application allows more flexibility in creating power supply designs since there is no need to be connected to the internet. Design and go at your own pace.

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