PC Measurements

NCH ​​Tone Generator

The NCH Tone Generator is extremely easy to use and has a compact interface. It is an ordinary digital signal generator and is primarily intended for radio amateurs involved in setting up and repairing sound amplifying equipment. The application can be used to calibrate, test and control the quality of sound equipment and speakers, tune various musical instruments, check sound cards functioning, adjust sound accompaniment at radio studios, demonstrate various sound frequencies in educational laboratories, create complex harmonics, and finally in medical areas for hearing testing.

Real Time Analyzer

This program is an audio analyzer with FFT and n-th octave frequency analyzers and oscilloscope. The octave analyzer can show the frequency spectrum at 12th, 6th, 3rd and full octave resolution. (A standard license supports all resolutions) With the FFT frequency analyzer you can see the spectrum on a linear scale, which can be useful for harmonics and other analysis tasks. Also on board is a real time oscilloscope which is always useful when analyzing audio signals.

Protocol analyzer

The Protocol Analyzer is a small tool that can catch, analyze and decode “slow” pulse based protocols. Typical examples are IR-Remotes or RF-Remotes. It uses the microphone input to read the signals. Since this is almost always available with drivers across operating systems, this tool works without any specific drivers on Windows, Linux and OSX. Protocol Analyzer can decode a number of standard protocols such as the infrared protocols: RC5, RC6, Pioneer, JVC, Nexa,X10, Pronto (See here for details of which) but the primary task of Protocol Analyzer is to aid in decoding new protocols. It behaves like a combination of an oscilloscope and a logic analyzer specifically aimed at analyzing digital protocols via the microphone input.


Powerful and efficient sound analyzer with the ability to measure a range of values ​​and has a built-in signal generator. SpectraPLUS allows FFT analysis (also known as Fast Fourier Transform) of a real-time audio signal with high resolution. The analyzer sampling accuracy is 24 bits, the FFT algorithm processes recordings up to 1048576 samples in length, the sampling frequency reaches 200 kHz (depending on the capabilities of the sound card, this value can be even higher), and the octave analysis ranges from 1/1 to 1/96 .


"Advanced" software for analyzing and generating audio signals based on sound cards of personal computers. Daqarta ( D ata A c Q acquisition A nd R eal- T ime A nalysis) contains a full-featured oscilloscope, oscillator and spectrum analyzer operating at sampling frequencies up to 256 kHz. The generator is distinguished by the highest accuracy of setting frequencies and phases and has the most extensive possibilities for setting the waveform, separate (for the left and right channels) menu of phase, frequency, amplitude modulation, sweep tone, amplitude shift keying, noise signals of the types: "Gauss", "White" , "Pink", bandwidth with the specified boundary frequencies and six options sample windows. This application is able to simultaneously analyze sound waves at the input and simulate signals at the output of the audio card.

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