PCB Design

SVG2Shenzhen for KiCad

Convert Inkscape SVG drawings to KiCad PCB and footprint modules. Inkscape extension for exporting drawing into Kicad PCB. Draw Any kind of shapes without restriction (unlike svg2mod), Support Drill Pad, and custom drill size, Support Edge Cut (PCB Shape), Tested on OSX, and Windows and Linux.

CAM350 14.0

CAM350 automates the PCB CAM engineering department by preparing and optimizing the design files for fabrication. Getting designs quickly through fabrication is a very complex process and effectively managing each operation is the key to moving into high-volume production. With a solution for every operation, CAM350 manages data input and preparation, through analysis, test, mill and drill to final bare-board production.


Upload your Gerber and drill files to render your board. Free onlilne Gerber Viewer.


Includes Smart DFM & ViewMate Responder, Full layer by layer design visibility, Quote and Order PCBs instantly!

GerberLogix 3.4

Download the newest version of our multi-functional Gerber Viewer GerberLogix and try it for free. The Freeware licence is only valid for uncommercial usage. A licence for commercial usage is available for 109 Euro (plus VAT) per workplace

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