Sensing current on the high side

Sensing current on the high side


Michael Dunn @ writes:

At their heart, the majority of DC current sense circuits start with a resistance in a supply line (though magnetic field sensing is a good alternative, especially in higher-current scenarios). One simply measures the voltage drop across the resistor and scales it as desired to read current (E = I × R (if I didn’t include this, someone would complain)). If the sense resistor is in the ground leg, then the solution is a simple op-amp circuit. Everything stays referenced to ground, and you only have to be careful about small voltage drops in the ground layout.

Sensing current on the high side – [Link]

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  • Svenne
    11 December, 2016 at 11:24 pm

    Hello, Any hints for an application sensing current on the high side for a HiSide switch application like a proportional solenoid. How to deal with the reverse emf current when the switch goes on & off in 20Khz speed ??. There is a number of “Current Sense Amplifiers” ic for this problem but those are quite expensive. Like AD8211 from Analog Devices.

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