Amplifier of Acoustic Frequencies with Preamplifier

  • Kyriakos Kontakos
  • 5582
  • moderate
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  1. Input Voltage: 15V
  2. Output Power: 4,2Wrms @ 4Ohm
  3. Minimal input signal: 94mVp-p with preamplifier, 0,65Vp-p without the preamplifier


R1 2,2K
R2 330K
R3 4,7K – logarithmic potentiometer
R4 330K
R5 1K
R6 1.5Ohm
C1, C6 100nF polyester
C2 100uF/25V electrolytic
C3, C7 1uF/25V electrolytic
C4 1000uF/25V electrolytic
C5 10uF/25V electrolytic
Q1 BC547
U1 TDA2002
LS1 speaker


Output power related to speaker impedance

LS1 Output Power
6,5 Wrms
4,2 Wrms
3 Wrms
2,25 Wrms


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