Digital Panel Meter – Voltmeter

Rajkumar Sharma  
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Digital Panel Meter performs digital processing on or conversion and display of voltages, currents, other analog signals, and pulse signals. This project is based on popular ICL 7107 IC, which is analog to digital converter and has been designed to drive 7 segment LED display. The ICL7107 is high performance, low power, 3, 1/3 digit A/D converter. Included are seven segment decoders, display drivers, a reference, and a clock. This DPM project may be used in a wide variety of configurations Full scale reading of +/- 199.9mV (200mV)


  • Supply 5V DC @ 80mA.
  • Range 0 to 199.9mV (200mV)
  • Low Current consumption
  • Low input leakage current because external reference
  • Single supply operation
  • On board Jumpers for range display
  • Auto Zero and auto polarity within IC
  • Supply Input CN2 5V DC
  • Test Voltage CN1 0-200mV
  • PR1 Preset for reading calibration.



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10 Response on “Digital Panel Meter – Voltmeter

  1. Excelente. Muy diactico. Para nosotros los hobbistas, tiene mucho valor. Estoy seguro que de construirlo, aprenderas mucho. Gracias

  2. Being rather new in the electronics game, I would love to build this display to work with my self built 0 to 30 volt adjustable power supply.
    If I find it difficult I will order the kit if available.
    Hope I can find the 1.2v zener in a to92 package, but suppose a normal one will do.
    Thanks Electronics-Lab.

  3. Dear,
    I am a big fan of your site. Please upload another Digital Panel Meter that range will be 0 to 100 volt. i will be grateful to you.

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