4-20mA / ±10V Analog Input Module for PLC

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This is an analog input module that helps to digitalize temperature, current (4-20mA) and voltage (±10V) for PLC and Microcontrollers input. This analog module can be used for Programmable Logic Control (PLC), Programmable Automation Control (PAC) and Discrete Control System (DCS). The module has three input terminals. This PLC input accepts inputs of ±10 V or ±20 mA. The output is a single-ended voltage of 2.5 V ±2.3 V (or 200 mV to 4.8 V). Many PLCs typically have this input and output ranges. PR1 Trimmer potentiometer provided to fine trim the gain. Ideally, PR1 + R1 value should be 10.5Khoms. The circuit works with dual supply +/-15V DC. The circuit is cutesy of Texas instruments from the INA828 datasheet.


  • Supply +/-15V DC
  • 4-mA to 20-mA input with less than 20-Ω burden
  • ±20-mA input with less than 20-Ω burden
  • ±10-V input with an impedance of approximately 100 kΩ
  • Output range within 0 V to 5 V
  • Maximum 4-mA to 20-mA or ±20-mA burden voltage equal to ±0.4 V
  • PCB Dimensions 27.87 mm x 15.59 mm


Parts List




INA828 Datasheet



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Baird Bankovic

How can I buy this? Do I need to get this custom made or is there a supply I can purchase one from? Thanks!


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