Harmonic Drive & Brushed DC Servo Motor Driver

The SERVO Motion Control Board is maybe the fastest and lowest-cost way of getting your DC servo motor up and running. The clear, explicit documentation and the Windows test utility program take the mystery out of servo motor control. The board is designed for easily adding additional axes of control without flipping dip switches or setting jumpers. By mounting these compact, modular boards near your motors, you can greatly simplify the rat’s nest of wiring which plagues most multi-axis control systems. The PIC-SERVO SC Motion Control Board also includes motor power monitoring, soft current limiting, and position error limiting which eliminate the need for an additional real-time processor. If used with the RS232-485 Serial Adapter or with a Step & Direction signal generator, a set of SERVO Motion Controllers can even be operated as a stand-alone control system. All this comes at a price comparable to stepper motor controllers.



  • Supply in 48V DC @ 3Amps Continues
  • Logic Supply in 7V to 12V DC
  • DC Motor Load 3Amps, 48V DC
  • Encoder 200 to 1000 Lines Encoder
  • Encoder Supply 5V DC
  • Easy to Tune Software
  • 32 bit position, velocity and acceleration control
  • Trapezoidal and velocity profiling permit on-the-fly parameter changes
  • 16 bit PID servo gains can be changed on-the-fly
  • Multi-axis coordinated motion control support
  • 2 or 3 channel encoder input, limit switch inputs, hall sensor inputs
  • Optional Step and Direction inputs (Connection via On Board Header Connector)
  • Amplifier includes overcurrent, overvoltage, under voltage and thermal overload protection
  • May also be used with external amplifiers/H-Bridge
  • 4-wire RS485 communications interface can be connect to additional controllers (up to 32 totals)
  • Complete documentation and example software available
  • Servo motion control board provides control of DC motors with incremental encoders, including trapezoidal profiling, velocity profiling and support for coordinated multi-axis motions.
  • LMD18200 based amplifier capable of driving 3Amps continuously, 6amps peak at up to 48V DC.
  • Current sensing, active current limiting, and overvoltage protection.
  • PWM and DIR signals are provides for use with other external amplifiers.
  • RS485 serial interface allows up to 32 Servo controllers to be controlled from a single serial PORT. Connects to an RS232 port through commonly available full-duplex adapters or using RS232-485 Converter Board.
  • Step & Direction inputs for control from stepper based indexing systems.
  • Two limit switch inputs for overall travel protection.
  • Windows test software provided including 32 bit Windows DLL and C Source Code. DOS based C code and Basic code is available.




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sorry for my poor english.

could I ask you to please qualify me that does this project is complete and buildable or should I buy the specific PIC or IC program from jRKERR IC?


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