2.4V to 5V Step Up DC-DC Converter

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Step Up Dc-DC

This project is a step up DC to DC power converter able to convert 2.4V – 5V to 5Vdc.


This project has been designed around Texas Instrument’s LM2623 IC, The LM2623 is a high efficiency, general purpose step-up DC-DC switching regulator for battery powered and low input voltage systems. It accepts an input voltage between 2.4V to 12V volts and converts it into 5V DC. Efficiencies up to 90% are achievable with the LM2623.


  • Good Efficiency over a very wide load range
  • Very low output voltage ripple
  • 2.4V to 5V (Possible Input Supply up to 14V operating voltage)
  • 5V output voltage (Other output voltages possible by changing R3 and R4)
  • 600mA output current


  • Hand held instruments
  • Cameras, PDA, Cellphones
  • White LED driver


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40 Response on “2.4V to 5V Step Up DC-DC Converter

  1. Sorry, i am really zero knowledge of this, and i dont know where to start learning. can i ask how much R3 and R4 should be for output around 3.3v-3.5v. thanx if you want share how to calculate it. 🙂

        1. No, you will need a high power inductor like the one on the mouser.com link above. As for C5 you can use a through hole capacitor that will be fitted on the PCB.

  2. Can you recommend an alternative inductor that is not surface mounted because i need it for my project and we need to put it on breadboard. Thank you so much 🙂

  3. Hi! When i finished breadboarding the circuit and put an input voltage of 6 volts the output was 6 volts too. Why does it happened? 🙁

      1. Thanks for answering.
        Another issue : is there a way to improve the maximum output current to let’s say 1.5A or 2A. What are the modifications needed for this purpose? Thanks in advance.

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