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  1. First, I unfortunately don't have a lot of experience in this field but I'm doing my best to work this out and learn something, that said, here's my problem.
    I am trying to use a wireless Pir sensor receiver to trigger a strobe light using a Elk 960 time delay module for light 'on' 'off' timing.
    The receiver has two connectors one 'n/o' and one 'com' to send signal 'light on/off'. These relay outputs have no power of their own. The strobe must have its own power (strobe needs 12 to 80 vdc).
    So I bought a 12vdc 1000ma adapter, connected adapter to Pir receiver relay contacts, connected delay timer to receiver outlets and strobe light. Bingo! sensor worked, fired delay timer and strobe. Here's the problem the Pir receiver only sends a three second burst of power..... after initial burst there's no power to timer or strobe. How do I utilze this reciever to send a signal, power the timer and light all at the same time. Is there some way to hook up another power supply to power timer and strobe, or use another powered switch if so how and in what order. Or am I just nuts. Help, is there any way out of this?
    Whew! sorry about that.

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