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  2. The white noise generator circuit is a handy tool that can be used to examine the circuit or a communication line under some random noises to make sure about the stability of the device in real and harsh environments. The current consumption of the device is low, so you can power the circuit using a small 12V-23A battery. if you have access to a 3D printer, you can build a nice enclosure for the circuit. The schematic and PCB have been designed using Altium Designer 22. The output white noise has been tested using the Siglent SDS2102X Plus oscilloscope. References Altium Designer + License (Free): https://www.altium.com/yt/myvanitar
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  4. it depends on you skill if you learn skill in doing power electronic enginneering then you will definetly get job. so focus on learning skill rather than thicking of getting job.
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  6. Must be a Chicago transformer with base mount and side terminals in working condition. 3500v test Primary: 120 volts 50/60 Hz Secondary: 960 volts @ 313mA Apparent Power: 300 VA Dimensions: 6" x 6-1/2" x 7-1/4"H Call Lee at (917) 439-9610 for immediate cash payment
  7. I don't know what picture you posted, but I'll answer your question. Try these hotspot apps for Android and start sharing your internet connection with other devices. PdaNet+ Portable WiFi Hotspot WiFi Automatic WiFi Hotspot Portable Free WiFi Connection Anywhere
  8. there is no specific information given in the question, what do you want to find or what is given. you only give RLC values which is very useful in find some circuit parameter but havent specified what need to find here?
  9. Mosfet operate in different region to perform specific operation, but to develop mosfet as an amplifier it should operate in enhancement mode. https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/amplifier/mosfet-amplifier.html#:~:text=MOSFET Amplifier uses a metal,field effect transistors%2C or JFET's.
  10. The unit of power is not amps. you should use Watt. as far as I understand you question, you want a 100 watt supply with volts vary from 1 to 220 volts. The output power we can calculate by using formula P=VI so you can vary current and volt to get desire output power. To vary current and Voltage you can use transformer.
  11. By the way, thanks for the books, Perhaps someone can advise something relevant today?
  12. What extension can you advise besides Adblock Plus?
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  14. For a student to hold interest and excitement about learning you often need to incorporate student motivation into their life. Education can be a daunting experience and without motivation, students are more apt to give up or fail rather than excel. Motivation takes a person who is barely squeaking by with their grades and makes them feel as if they want to get perfect GPAs and pass all of their tests. It is the job of the parents and teachers to make this happen. Students that have high student motivation become more active in their work at school. They do their homework with more energy, discuss science topics when trying to talk to strangers online in a more relaxed way, and look at going to school with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. Whereas before they may have barely wanted to go to school, now they are waking up early and doing extra work. The students with this type of motivation know that they are only being given one chance to make the best life possible and they are taking full advantage of it. The desire to succeed is such an important part of student motivation They want to not only have fun in school but they are excited and driven to succeed. It is such a change from a student who lacks motivation that it gives the students who do not have this drive to take a look at how they are doing in school, and may even motivate them to excel as well. When students feel like their school work is boring or lacks a challenge they may pull back or give up completely. But seeing the kids that have the student motivation may help them to turn their ways around. If you are a teacher or counselor and you notice a child who lacks student motivation it is your job to talk to them and give them tips on how to become more inspired to do better in school. Model your behavior on how you want them to act. If you are bored with your job or the curriculum then spice it up and add new things that will motivate the children to want to achieve good grades. Set goals for them and reward them when they have been met. Lastly, you may want to help the student to get involved with outside activities like a sports team or drama club so that they have to keep their grades up. This in itself is an excellent student motivation tip.
  15. I have one question. Most IMUs now a days have built in sensor fusion using kalman filters. For instance, Mbientlab-MetamotionR IMU. Now i would be getting angular rate from gyroscope. So how the sensor fusion works in this case (built in sensor fusion)? because if i want to get angle of rotation then i integrate the angular rate and get drift in the measurement.
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  21. its working fine . Thanks
  22. I am also interested in solving the problem. Thank you for your inquiry.
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