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  3. A DC-to-DC converter is one of the most commonly used circuit topologies in electronics, especially in power supply applications. There are three main types of DC-to-DC converters (non-isolated): Buck, Boost, and Buck-Boost. Sometimes a buck converter is also called a step-down converter and a boost converter is also called a step-up converter. A buck converter reduces/steps down the input voltage while increasing the output current. In this article/video, I introduced an adjustable buck converter circuit that can deliver up to 30A and handle up to 40V at the input. The output voltage is adjustable from 3V to 37.5V. Several PCB design rules were followed to enhance output stabilization and current handling, also to reduce the radiated emission, and noise figure. To design the schematic and PCB, I used Altium Designer 22 and the electronic search engine (octopart) to easily and quickly collect information about the necessary components. To get high-quality fabricated boards, I sent the Gerber files to PCBWay and finally tested the current handling, output stability, and noise figure using the Siglent SDL1020X-E DC load, Siglent SDM3045X multimeter, and Siglent SDS2102X Plus oscilloscope. Just build one and have fun! Specifications Input Voltage: 6-40VDC Output Current: 30A (max continuous, See text) Output Voltage: 3-37.5VDC Adjustable Output Noise: 50mVpp, 4mVrms (18A load-20MHz) References Article: https://www.pcbway.com/blog/technology/40V_30A_Adjustable_Switching_Power_Supply_6ff75733.html [1]: UC3843: https://octopart.com/uc3843bd1r2g-onsemi-497860?r=sp [2]: IR2104: https://octopart.com/ir2104spbf-infineon-65872813?r=sp [3]: Altium Designer: https://www.altium.com/yt/myvanitar
  4. I have to make a digital clock using logic works 5. and i can use 7-seg display, 7447 decoder but i have to make a mod-24 counter(3, 10), mod-60 counter(6, 10) using a flip-flop Anybody can this? Attachments 795852C030795850C8317B5E56C0.png 107.2 KBViews: 39
  5. The wind control system is mainly divided into 3 major components: Wind farm unit control unit is the core part of wind turbine control, which realizes the functions of unit parameter monitoring, power generation control and equipment protection; The high-speed annular redundant communication unit is a highway for real-time interaction between the on-site generator set and the HMI of the remote operation center The remote upper computer operation center station has complete unit status monitoring, parameter alarm, real-time/historical data recording and display functions, and realizes real-time operation of all units in the wind farm. Ebyte focuses on the wireless communication industry. After years of industrial field data communication practice, it can provide a variety of wind farm ring redundancy communication solutions. There are mainly wireless lora and 4G communication solutions. Wireless lora communication solution Fan units usually use Bachmann PLC or domestic fan PLC to control the parameters of wind farm units. Therefore, Ebyte E90-DTU (433C30) data transmission radio can be used to connect with PLC control unit through RS485 interface, and transmit PLC data to E90-DTU (433C30E) gateway, the gateway then transmits the data to the Ethernet. The networked host computer HMI platform can view the data and realize the remote control of the fan operation. 4G base station communication solution The E840-DTU (4G-02) radio is connected to the PLC control unit through the RS485 interface, and the PLC data is directly uploaded to the Ethernet server. The networked host computer HMI platform can view the data and realize the remote control of the fan operation.
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  7. please help out here I am a student doing project designing the device or system for recording the reading of battery discharge Inmate Search(12V , 0-0.3, 0 - 200Ah Lead Acid battery and Lithium battery). The device or system must be able to vary the load while vary the load and observe the discharging parameters of the battery voltage, current, time and must and temperature using an arduino to control the system and displaying all the parameters.
  8. Hi, I can recommend Electronics All-in-One For Dummies and Understanding Basic Electronics- 2nd Edition. It's what a beginner needs, these are the books I started studying electronics in college with. When I had questions or problems with an assignment, I turned to https://assignmentbro.com/ca/make-my-assignment for help in various subjects, professionals solved my assignments in a short time, which allowed me to relieve my study schedule
  9. I completely agree with your opinion.
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  11. Thank you very much, very informative list, no matter how much time has passed. The books are an eternity, though..
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