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  4. I use windscreen wiper motors on mine. The program I use monitors each shift pulse before sending the next one. I think it,s on my website www.calenterprises.co.uk Mill.MP4
  5. This is an interesting option for book translation lovers. Thanks for the recommendation. I have long wanted to translate an old urban novel https://freebooksummary.com/category/changes-in-the-land about life in the 1950s. This is a good book about the development of our society. I would like to see the book in Italian translation because Italy is the capital of industrialization
  6. Can you provide a block diagram of your set up? You speak of "my boost converter" isn't the ZY12PDN a type of boost converter? From the USB_C five volts to various voltages? Some useful data here: https://www.alexwhittemore.com/notes-on-usb-pd-triggers-and-zy12pdn-instructions/
  7. Does one need to use anything else (other than the battery controller) between the battery pack and ZY12PDN? because I connected them directly and my charger stopped working altogether. So I added a Boost converter in between the battery and ZY12PDN but ZY12PDN's light flashes, i.e. it charges for maybe 0.5 seconds and stops for 1 second or so. My batter is this one. and I have the correct PD charger. and my boost converter is capable of supporting the needed current.
  8. Here we introduce another way to download firmware to your microcontroller board. With a BLE5.0 & Dual-band WiFi microcontroller, you will never have to worry about re-compiling the code just to change the WiFi SSID and password. Write an introduction for your project How does it work? The working principle of BLE5.0 is working as follows: the Ameba RTL8722DM board will send BLE information to your phone; the phone will send the corresponding WiFi configuration including SSID and password to the RTL8722DM board; the board is able to con
  9. I can advise you a company where you will find highly qualified specialists .Contact them https://jsbappliancerepair.com/simi-valley-appliance-repair they are engaged in repairing house appliances for more then 15 years. I think they have something to advise you. Because microwave ovens are also their specialty. Call them, they have a lot of information that will be useful in your project.
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  11. I just removed the unnecessary part, after the useful URL. A URL like that will work: https://www.ebay.com/itm/281873849657
  12. It is quite crucial to get the best quality oxygen sensor to meet all your health needs. These outstanding devices are meet all the latest needs of the patients and they are truly very much effective. For more information visit us at:- https://en.gassensor.com.cn/OxygenAndFlowSensor/list.html
  13. Ventilators are playing crucial role to save the lives from traumatic conditions. With oxygen sensor in ventilator, it will be easy to track the required amount of oxygen and its components.
  14. Infrared remote controllers are everywhere around us. The majority of home appliances are controlled using infrared remote controls. In this article/video, we learn to build a device that can decode (almost) any IR remote control and use the instructions to switch the relays (loads). So we can use this feature in a variety of applications without buying a new IR remote control and expensive hardware, such as turning ON/OFF the lights, opening/closing the curtains, ... etc. I have used an ATTiny85 microcontroller as the heart of the circuit. The device can record up to three IR codes in the EEP
  15. @HarryA Thank you so much for responding with details. I will buy it from that ebay link (thank you @admin for fixing the link). Yes, I live in US and my Cuisinart blender is 120 V AC. I am frustrated to see the capacitor blown-out with in a month. I hope that is the problem for the blender not working. The LCD simply blinks. I will keep you posted on my progress. Thanks again.
  16. Yes, I think you are correct. Scherz and Monk's Practical Electronics for Inventors has: metallized ployester film capacitors: 2u2 = 2.2uf. The K would be -/+10%. also: "In case, small values with decimal points needs to be represented, then the alphabetical letter “R” is used such as 0.5 is represented as 0R5, 1.0 as 1R0, and 2.2 as 2R2 respectively." You can find 1.5uf 250vac capacitors on Ebay that ship world wide. It's difficult to tell one where to purchase something if you do not know where in the world they are. How do you fix a horrible URL?
  17. I fixed the URL for you! I think it's a 1.5uF / 250V capacitor the one you are looking for.
  18. If it is a 120 volt Cuisinart blender then you can get one here: They ship world wide. Else search for "1 uf 250vac capacitor" https://www.ebay.com/itm/281873849657 That is a horrible url !
  19. I am in doubt if these two BM20 and BP-5L batteries are lithium or lithium polymer batteries or lithium ions? the batteries BP-5L are 1800mah and the BM20 battery is 2000 I charged them using this third photo charger for 75% after how many days do I need to recharge them again so they have long storage and durability? https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTXi58e_qNfzMCh8Kjr8ghv_fioU1COM08HvA&usqp=CAU https://cf.shopee.com.br/file/247c2106d63885dc17be99b61824b8f1 https://www.dhresource.com/0x0/f2/a...rsal-cellphone-battery-lcd-charger-single.jpg https://www.dhresou
  20. Hi all, Newbie here. My Cuisinart blender broke down and I opened the circuit board. I see a capacitor has busted and the material ozed out. I do not exactly know how to read its rating, but the marking are "1u5K250". Please see pictures. I have been searching for this part but no luck. Please suggest any alternate part. Thank you so much.
  21. I know nothing about your post or why it was removed.
  22. Why was my post removed? Not a single thank you? Ok then...
  23. I think this is a great service that helps students with their studies, which will help them find good jobs in the future. Now it is very difficult to get a high-paying job, especially for young professionals. Everyone needs work experience without which they don't even consider your resume. I had to use the resumeedge.com service and only after that I was invited for an interview.
  24. In NOR flash memory the data loss happens 20 years after the data recorded on the chip or not? it is possible to extend the retention above 20 years for the NOR M29W640FT 70N6 H flash memory
  25. Does this 2-year rule apply to any electrolytic capacitor manufacturer?
  26. Great review! I want to add that sometimes the choice of MCU also depends on the development tools. You will need user-friendly programming tools and IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). In general, the choice of software that would meet all security requirements is a difficult task. That is why I use office 365 email backup in my work and I am completely satisfied, because it is completely suitable for both personal use and corporate projects.
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