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  1. Can i use dc motor from car window wiper with PWM to run slow revolution disco mirror ball. I already have schematic with 4 MosFETs. And which MosFETs its best to use (How many AMPERS). P.S. Can you help to make a stepp motor which respond on sound (you know i mean: Signal comes and stepper start runnin' on one direction, signal comes again stepper direction changes on oposit direction) but not to use microcontrollelr or PC.
  2. Ante Thanks for the circuit, I hope it will works!
  3. I have removed a two stepper motors from ink-jet printer. Every each motor have 2 COILS (1+1) that mean they have only 4 wires. How can i control stepp motor with some easy available logic ICs.
  4. I wanna build the radio remote control for my room (U know lights, window, door, etc.) The main problem is to find a proper parts for this project, cuz i live in crap country(Serbia)and i cant find the right parts only elementary components. I saw on the internet allready builded radio receiver and transmiter (Rx, Tx) and i saw allready made encoders and decoders (such as HT12E, HT12D). But i cant buy 'em cuz shops dont got 'em. So if you can help to build a Radio Receiver, Transmiter, Encoder & Decoder (from 4017) from a basic components. I need at least 4 commands. There is no problem at all to make a two remote controler if needed.
  5. This advice with the capacitor and 555; is that one circuit (capacitor in circuit with 555) or is that two independent circuit (or capacitor or 555). Dont laugh on my messages cuz my english is so bad especially this kind of it.
  6. I have made a electronic door locker and opener and i need a delay timer for the opener for about 5-10 seconds. timer will be operated by the REGULAR SWITCH ON-OFF (NOT TASTER) which be pressed about 10 times a day, that mean i need delay timer which respond when i turn the switch ON it should power on relay and starts to counting, and when the time is up it should power off the relay and wait to i turn it off and on (same process, over and over...). plEase hElp!! P.S. i made standard delay timer but it have to be starts by taster and realased immidietly! (only when the taster is realased he starts to count)
  7. you right frequency of about 10Hz will be fine. When i sad more speedy i thought on a frequency that the eye can recive (below 50Hz but 10Hz sounds good to me). I'll appriciate if you can send me a circuit.
  8. Can i make a regular neon lamp (36W/120cm) to flash. Frequency is not matter but more speedy is more better. Please!!!
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