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  1. hi everyone,
    its me again. I have a ques, can the 12,000uF, 63V is replaced with a 18,000uF, 50V. i cant find one with 63V. and the other i can find is 8000uF at 50v and 100V.
    u suggest parallel-ing the 8000uF o use a single 18,000uF 50v? but i feel the 50V would do good enough.
    i would like to thank for any comment or suggestion. Im cant access the forums the office in PC. so, Thanks again in advance.

  2. Hi all,
    I have a few question regarding to the modified version PSU. I noticed that the out for U1 is 11.2V and it's operating in fixed configuration. Can a high precision OPA 27 or OPA37 being used instead? another question is regarding to the TIP31 NPN Transistor for Q1 and Q2, a compatible part is BD131 NPN. But can a BD132 PNP be used instead? BD132 is the complementary part of BD131. Thanks in advance.

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