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  1. For a simple smoke detector you could use an MC14467 ic.  Look at page five in this datasheet and it gives you a pretty simple circuit schematic; just a few external components and a piezo alarm. (The chip costs like $1.50 at digikey.com)


  2. Does anyone have an idea how to make the AD667JN Digital to Analog converter simply convert data?  I really need help on this one.  I built a schematic from their datasheet, but the datasheet isn't a great source for information on the parallel output function of the AD667JN.  If it helps, I am interfacing it with a 68HC11 microcontroller.  ANY IDEAS AT ALL WILL HELP!!! POST AT WILL!!!  Thanks!

  3. Does anyone know how to make a voltage controlled filter?  I am making a guitar effect called the auto-wah which in theory uses an envelope follower to supply the voltage to a VCF [(Voltage Controlled Filter) bandpass/lowpass/highpass filter].  The filter will change it's cutoff frequency or Q due to the change in voltage from the envelope follower which in turn gets it's voltage from the guitar signal.  Every guitar note will give a different sound, seeing as the envelope of every note is different.  The only piece I need to finish this thing is how to control the filter with a voltage.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!

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