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  1. I would suggest using a motor with a worm gear. This way you only have to use one motor and there are no relays to deal with.


    When a motor is geared like this it has a slow rotation, but a large amount of torque. The only way to make the round gear turn is by turning the work gear, the round gear can not turn the worm gear. 

  2. I need a schematic for a line output converter. This is used to convert the high level output of a car stereo down to a low level signal so that it can be used as an input for an amp. I'm not sure of the actual specs, but I know comercial models are availiable for around $20 US.

    So if any one has a schematic or any idea of how to make one of these, please leave a comment. Thanks!

    -Chris Rybitski

  3. I don't know about killing insects or snakes, but Wicked laser makes some very powerful pen lasers. The most powerful with the ability to light cigars and melt plastic. http://www.wickedlasers.com/products.php?content=spyder

  4. This past year my team advacnced to globals in Destination Imagination, we also had to launch tennis balls. Our device was capable of launching a tenis ball a distance of 14 feet and at the 14 foot mark the ball was at least 3 feet in the air.
    The design was simple, a bench rrinder motor with a wheel attached. The design was similar to that of a pitching machine. I have some detailed photos, but will not upload them tonight... If you are interested in this design let me know and I will post pictures. but in the mean time here are a few: http://rybitski.googlepages.com/dipictures

  5. Hello Jeff, you are just the guy I was looking for!
    I'm not entirely sure what you meant by:

    The Prom that is missing isn't a big deal because there is a battery backed RAM.

    Are you saying that all I need is the program RSLogics? or is there something else?
    I contacted the company that bought A&B and they told me that they no longer sell the software.
    I have also looked on ebay for the software and the one guy who had it wanted something like $35 (US) for it... It was only two floppys....

    You said you have one at work, do you have the software for it?

    Thanks alot for the reply, Jeff! Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. well, here it is, my latest creation:
    I call it the Coil clock. It is made from a 5 1/4" floppy drive. The coils that made up the motor had to be flipped to the reverse, much prettier, side.  ;) Complete with handcrafted brushed aluminum stand.
    Oh yeah, and did I mention that is tells the time? ;D ;D
    This particular clock is going to a very cool guy that services GE hospital equipment all day.

  7. I read in alot of projects and articles about the need to re-wind old transformers to fix them or modify their output.

    I've searched the internetand there is nothing (that I could find anyway) about how to do this. How would you do it???

    From what I can tell the case is welded together...


  8. I have a bad habbit of starting too many projects at one time and then taking a while to get them all finished...  :-\
    So I kind of put this project on hold because I wanted to make a laser show (mirrors attached to spining motors to manipulate a laser)... It will get finished, just not right away...

    Projects I am working on: (or lack of working on)
    Pool pump control
    Mini drill press
    Laser show
    Electronic jewelry things
    cleaning the work shop
    555 timer based metrenome
    various other things I get distracted with...

    The PCB keychains I make (and try to sell) on my website got some recognition this morning on hackedgadgets.com, take a look: http://hackedgadgets.com/2006/07/02/pcb-keychain/#more-353

    ANYWAY, I'll be sure to update with pictures when something interesting happens with this project. :)

  9. I think it will help because, when you push down with even force on both sides of the 'trolley' as I like to call it, it moves up and down smoothly.

    he picture is not clear enough to show if any of the joints (screws) have some sideways slack, it should have because the distance between the two screws varies as the tool holder slides up and down.  ???

    I'm not sure what you mean by this, could you please explain.
  10. Ok, so here it is... (so far)
    The actual mountfor the dremel is not yet made and It needs another lever arm on the oposite side to keep it from binding.

    I put some springs on the rods and they work great (thanks for the suggestion sarathk) ;)

    SO that is the update, again any comments/ improvements are welcome ;D

  11. Well I spent half the day/night cleaning and building a mini work bench and the other half making a pendant.

    You asked for picuters of my workshop Ante, and here they are (the 2 walls that are clean...) The back wall is still very messy, no pistures of that yet, but it is comming.


    Our basement used to be one large unfinished room untill I took part of it and build 2 rooms, one side for storage the other side for my workshop. That was a few years ago back when I was 14, just starting high school.
    Anyway, here is that pendant I was talking about:

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