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  1. ok well can a power supply be build inside the inverter that would give you 12 or 48 volts and a nice high am which would keep the load off the batteries. with this the life time of the batteries would be much longer. the inverter would pull from the power supply instead of the batteries and i have this software that calculate the specs for you i put in what i want and it told me how much volts and size capacitors i needed well if you want it let me know and check it out and see whats use it could be

  2. hello can pic be posted on this forum because i have a acdc power suply and i would like someone to look at it and see if i could use some parts out of it to build an inverter and it has a small inveter built in because the fan on it runs off 115vac but i dont know how much watts it is but if i could put pics up on this forum then someone could see what im talkin about

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