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  1. I have built the 0-30 VDC STABILIZED POWER SUPPLY & 3 amps Power Supply, put in a voltmeter and an ampmeter and a power LED. I found this power supply very useful and like the design very much. I wish I could increase the max. current from 3 AMPs to 5 AMPs e.g. by changing the transformer, diodes and Transisters and PCB tracks width and heat sink etc. Anyone with good suggestions? Alternatively, is there a good switch mode PS circuit with variable voltage and variable curent limit that has max current 5 Amps or more? Thanks.
  2. http://www.educatorscorner.com/media/Exp103a.pdf may give you some idea of how to use as Oscilloscpe as a semiconductor Curve tracer Best Regards Reuel l
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