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  1. You could use stepper motors which will have more than enough power to move you glass full of water. They can be controlled to such an extent that you wouldn't spill a drop. You could have it so when you press the button it would start of slowly and slowly accelerate and then slow down again as it approaches the end. Also very easy to make it revesible.

  2. Depending on you power supply and how you wire them PNP will be the wrong type. In a "normal" switch configuration the middle letter of PNP or NPN denotes the polarity of the required power supply. As such a PNP transistor will require a negative voltage on the bae WRT the emitter to switch the transistor on. If you can provide a circuit of how yopu intend to hook it up it would help.

  3. Thats not quite correct. Unless otherwise specified all power measurements (RMS or Peak) are referenced to a sinusoidal waveform. PMPO is about the only power measurement that doesn't. It is what you find on PC speaker systems. Little tiny speakers that cost $30 and can handle 600W PMPO. I am beginning to believe PMPO is latin for "Peak power just prior to putting speaker coil into the wall".

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