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  1. Hello! I just found one clock LED display with digits like 88:88 and I woul like to use it with my computer, actualy conect it and program it to display time from taskbar to me!! Can you help me with links and advices?? ;D ;D
  2. what do you think about idea of using display of my old mobile phone (nokia 3310) in electronics! Can you help me figure out pinout!? 8) bye & happy hollidays!!!
  3. Now when EDY said "mono headphone jack" I figure it out!! It is jack but used for power source connection! Thanks to you both!! :D
  4. I found that on one schematic and don't know what that is... ???
  5. Thanks!! I think all is clear now to me! I bought today 2 relays for a start and other parts! I will just have to rebuild PCB a little cause I have Schrack relays that are diferent from those ones on the picture! Can't wait to see it working.... ;D This site rules!!!! Bye :D
  6. Thanks you explain things excelent! I get it all... just one more little question... Where I must conect these + - 12v points? Or they are not connected? I am already shame for buging you so much :-[ Thanks! ;)
  7. Hello! This questions are about "8 way relay board " project!!! Where to put: 1 x 1N4004 Diode -> i can't see it on pcb? What is: 1 x 0.01uF (approx) Green Cap -> is it block capatitor -II- and where is it on pcb? What is: 1 x 1 amp Bridge Rectifier -> is it Greatz??? I would like that you send me schematics so i can see better where which part is connected... this way it is not so clear to me! I would like to make this interface so much! Please explain it a little more! I don't understand this part of pcb??? Please help me to figure it out what parts are here.... Thanks!! Pr
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