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  1. i am designing a circuit.
    the problem is i want to make the potential difernce between two points which hav some varrying voltage to some commmon constant level of voltage.can u guice me how.
    consider the case below:
    in my ciruit:
    the potential difference bw two supposed points a and  b is in notnal stat:1.435volts
    the potential differnce bw the same points considered during excitation is about :1.28 volts to 1.60 volts
    now tel me how can i make the varrying difference corresponding to one constant level,that is whenever i got the varrying output during excitatoin above 1.430 volts i got some constant value like 5 volts. plz guide.

  2. hi
    i want to use a realay, to conrtol a bulb of 60 or 100watt using microcontroller ouput.
    can anyone tel me which relay to be used keeping in view the controling parameter which wold be the dc ouput from microcontroller maximum of 5 volt and the bulb operating voltage which wold be220v ac.
    thanks for ur replies.

  3. thanks to all of the contributers to my project.
    me got A++ grade in the project.
    but i wold strongly recomend that before doing anything just read the monostable operation of the 7555 ic. all the questions wold be solved bc how this circuit works and how the 7555 and the inciming signals works will be clear.

  4. hi respected contirbuters.
    i got the circuit working today, but not because of the coil that is mentioned in the circuit but rather i took a rf coil from the market of about 10mH same as that is found in our radios. so mak it clear that u use the same as that is used in our radios of about 10mH, because its hard to make a coil the way its described in the specification sheet. I almost spent one and a half week on making it but of no use. now my circuit working and of about range of some a meter or a two.To exaplain to the teacher and my fellow class mates can u plz tel me that how at the pin 2 of the ic 7555 when the cal is incoming.i mean to say what actaully happen at that point. because there are two cirrents coming one from top tp dpen because of the batery 1.5 volts and secondaly the transistor.in other words can u plz exaplin the inner working just at the point pin 2.other i can understand a bit.

    Can u tel me how can i measure the frequency that is disturbing the coil just to make an additinal feature to the circuit. and what would be the ic that can be used for this.

  5. in the ciruit suggested to me by someone here;in that circuit the 7555 has one pin empty. i grounded that pin and now the result is that there is a but high chnge in amplitude across the inductor but that is only about few millivolts and they are not being amplified by the transistor, so tel me how to mak the currnet in crease to mak the led turn on.thanks for ur suggestions all u guys.

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