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  1. me just want to catch any change in the air when a cal is coming to the mobilem my professor give me clue that use the rf osciallator and tune the icoming signal with that. i dont know what rf oscillaotor to use and how?guide me plz
  2. is there any site which can give me the help in getting the rf oscillator calculations
  3. can u plz tel me the datasheet and operation of TS555CN CMos Timer IC
  4. i have been assigned a project by my really harsh professor by giving such a project so near to the exams. he has assign me to make a circuit that dettects the incoming call, but the problem is he has made a condition if two mobile in the reach are being called simultaneously then that dvice or the circuit should tell that either they are being called from the same bandwith or the difernt ones, that is are the being called by using the same mobile network or the different. i have seen the circuit here which just tellls us the incoming call from any network any i think, but me want ur help how to make it for atleast two networks and how to make the ciruit sensitive to two seperate networks. and also how to show either using some leds or stuff like this. thanks for ur suggestions. http://electronics-lab.com/projects/misc/010/index.html the source of the circuit given on this site is above.
  5. can anybody tel me what is exact time the differntial op amp take to give us the required output having a single input and the single output. thanks for ur contributions.
  6. while i am on the motorway how can i come to know that the range of police radar has started? is there any circuit i can design to check it. thanks for ur suggestions
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