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  1. I like to have the schematic and components list used by Mr.Kain to finish my project sucessfully. I am able to get only 1.5 Amps @23V not at 30 Volts. Please do the need full as I am kept working on this for a long time. Thanks and the product is fine V.Angappa
  2. We have tried the 0-30 V circuit and have a differnt problem. 1.At 26 Volts we are able to get 2 Amps constant output...but in between 26 -30 Volts we are able to get a current of 600mA - 100mA max.What is the reason any sugession please. 2. we ahve used a transformer sec., rated at 3 A max. 3. What modifications should we need to do to get a constant current of 3 A at 30 Volts.? Please suggest its very urgent.
  3. I built the power supply for 3 A and faced the following problems. 1.When pin 6 of U2 is connected to the circuit the IC heats up immediatly. connection and componects changed no.,of time but the same problem repeates every time. 2.The control is 0 or 50 Volts ,why so?
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