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  1. Right now we have around 1-2 spam posts per 10 minutes. What do you propose to fight them?

    I plan to use the default theme because i like it. Now i have to customize it a bit.

  2. I though that because you included a link to a project on our blog.

    Thanks for clarifying this... Topic is resolved.

    Please Hero999 and audioguru be more polite on other members.

    I am not complaining to anybody. My first post informs that circuit-zone.com and electronics-diy.com post in their websites material that is lifted from other sites. I do not know where you get the impression that I want Electronics-lab to do anything about it.  I don't.  I believe there is a misunderstanding. You thought my complaint was with electronicslab (it isn't) and you offered to help and, because of your offer, I thought you may be somehow related to those websites. I think that is what happened.

    Again, I was just informing people that I found content from several websites, including this one, copied at those websites I mentioned. That's all.
  3. testa

    I am here to help clarify this issue. Please tell me which project do you think is copied without permission. Who is the other person that emailed me asking to remove stuff and i didn't reply to him... (you can send it to pm if you like)

    I would be happy to check these projects.


  4. Hello "testa"

    We often feature interesting projects found online on our blog. We always add a link to the source page and the page via which we found the project. In some cases the source website is proven not to be the original source of the project, but that isn't in our control.

    You should notify the page which has copied the project and didn't provided credits.

    What we can do on this case? I can add the original source page on the blog post. Just drop me a line.

    If you think i can do something more about this, just inform me.


  5. Get Paid to Publish your Project!

    We are proud to announce the "Get Paid to Publish your Project" program here at Electronics-Lab.com. Every project published under project section will get an instant PayPal payment of 80$ USD.

    Get ready to submit your project at Electronics-Lab. To participate send your project to webmaster @ electronics-lab.com with "Get Paid to Publish your Project" in subject line and your project as attachment. Common file types (.doc, .jpg, .pdf etc) are accepted. After reviewing your project and approved for publication it will be published under project section and you receive the payment to your PayPal account. So simple!

    A project to be valid should be:
    - A high quality project.
    - Designed by you.
    - Not published elsewhere on the web.
    - Has clear schematics, photos, description and PCB.

    Every project approved will be published and will receive the payment. You will notified by email if your project is accepted.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us

    Check submitted projects here

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