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  1. Why let your projects lying in a corner of your hard disk?

    Make them available to the world...

    ...and enter the chance to win great prizes

    Submit your project or article to webmaster @ electronics-lab.com as an attachment until 31 May 2010 with your name and contact e-mail address. Files are preferred to be in a zip format and source files should be in a common file format like .doc .pdf .html etc. Subject of the e-mail must be: "Submission for Electronics-Lab.com contest".  All projects will be published under "Projects" section or "Articles" section with your name and e-mail.
    You can submit more than one project/circuit to achieve more chances to win.

    The winner will be selected randomly and he/she will be contacted for gift shipping details. Shipping costs are part of the prize, so you will not pay anything for receiving your gift.

    A list of submitted projects will be published here

    A project or article to be accepted it must:

    1. Designed by you.
    2. Contains clear schematic and optional photos
    3. Has at least a short description
    4. Be approved by moderator (you will notified if your project accepted or not)

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at the same e-mail address.

    Take ACTION today !

    Get prize details here

  2. After the hack attempt occured some months ago, we lost many of forum messages. Most old messages was lost and couldn't be restored from backups... because backups was also corrupted.

    That was really dissapointing to many of us... so i was searching a way to retrieve these messages. Finally after hard work with old databases we managed to make this work...

    I am happy to announce that the majority of old posts are restored

    We have back most of messages and you can search again your old posts

    If you notice any problem, don't hesitate to contact me..

  3. The forum is back to normal after fresh installation and a little bit of securing. Thanks for your understanding and support on this issue.

    As for internet explorer "not responding", seems a local problem to me. What version of ie do you use?

  4. Hackers hit the forum and injected malicious code on some files. I have cleaned forum files and everything seems to be safe now. Soon Electronics-Lab.com site will be marked as safe from Firefox.

    Did you still experience delay when typing?

  5. As you have noticed i try to calm things down. I will NOT continue this discussion further as it will not drive us anywhere, that's for sure.

    I suggest both of you MP and ANTE, make a step and drive away from personal "debates". I think that you have fallen in a personal "battle".

    Here we have something in common, that's our love in electronics. Why you are driving this love to a debate?

    Anyones opinion should be handled with RESPECT.

    If i don't see a change in the way both of you are reacting, i will have to find other moderators. I don't want trouble here. I am clear.


  6. The photos on the project page here in Electronics lab are with the 10K resistors. I agree that are high and i should test a lower value.

    About the collector resistors these are calculated to produce a white color when all leds are on. That means that we don't need all led to power on maximum. Some of them will be used below specifications to achieve better efficiency on the produced colors.

  7. I am very disapointed reading the above messages. I suggest everyone to calm down as a first step to take situation under control. MP as a moderator has the right to delete or edit messages in order to keep a quality on this forum, but i suggest to be very carefull doing this as this may assault others.

    Also we must keep in mind that nobody here has the absolute right thinking. We must work on a documentary way to be clear, but this sometimes fails.

    I strongly propose to STOP this contradictory behaveviour and turn discussion on a problem solving discussion. What we must do the next time.

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