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  1. I think that the reason is that the main advantages of SMPS are underutilized in such applications. That means that we don't need a high cost and difficult to design PSU for a home audio amplifier that powers from mains voltage and has a noticeable volume, nor on a lab power supply. Having efficient of 70-80% and up doesn't offer much in these applications (instead offer much in battery powered applications). Among all these parameters, we add the non existed problem (on linear psu) of EMI/RFI emmitions that can be attenuated using filters and shields but can't be eliminated.

    In many cases the switching frequency is in audio spectrum or a little above and that makes the problem more complicated.

    So, we gain more than we loose not using SMPS in such applications. That's the reason!

  2. The situation took uncommon range for no reason at all! Steven told me he is not dissapointed i selected Zeppelin as a moderator (as i read on previous post) and techically he can't manage the High Voltage board. He is not familliar, deleting, moving, editing messages (as strange as it sounds) so there is no reason to continue this discussio. Steven is not wronged and any time he is a potential moderator. That's all.

  3. Hello

    Steven was proposed a LONG time ago to become a moderator on High Voltage section, so there is no meaning telling that another moderator was selected instead of steven. There was NO debate between the existing moderator and Steven. I thought Steven had a clear view of the situation. We have discussed the possibility with Steven to become a moderator on High Voltage section but he had major problems posting a message with attachments and needed much effort to do this. I used to post his attachments on his messages a long time ago. So i think that in the practical level of being a moderator he should be more familiar with the forum to be able to help us. That's the point and i wouldn't like to disapoint Steven selecting another moderator.

  4. There is a function of Global moderator that do exactly what you told. But it is not practical every moderator to be a Global one as things will mess up. I have no problem to make someone of you global moderator but he will have more rensponsibilities to keep things clear.

  5. Welcome our new moderator Zeppelin. After his request i decided to make him moderator on three unmoderated sections. Please welcome him on our team. I believe that he will do good jod on those sections. He will moderate:

    Theory articles
    Spice Simulation - PCB design
    High Voltage Stuff

    As for Cuckoo, he is a personal friend of me, interested on microelectronics, but his time is limited to moderate the Microelectronics section, so I decided to remove him from being a moderator. As we speak there is no moderator found on that section.

    Until now we are 5 moderators and one admin (me)


    The help of all moderators is really appreciated and I am really happy for our team! Also I would like to thank hotwaterwizard for the great idea to make a new board only for moderators, as we can talk here about everything needed to make out Forum even better.


  6. I am confirming that site was hacked today due to a security hole. Appropriate measurements taken to avoid future problems. Hacker's ip adress reported for abuse and blacklisted.

    Forum attachemnts affected and hope to restore them from backup as soon as possible. Thanks for your understunding.

  7. Hi Ante

    Upload capability has do to with many things as your internet connection speed (becuase the time thershold is limited). I have tryed to make some arrangements on the server's settings, hoping to solve those problems. Please make some test uploads now.

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