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  1. Hi spike0

    As audioguru noticed you should be VERY CAREFULL using and charging Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries, as they can cause fire and injuries if impoperly used. First of all i suggest you to read carefully the "Panasonic Li-Ion - Precautions.pdf" i attach you to fully understund what not to do with your battery.

    Then you can check "Charging Simplified for High Capacity Batteries - Microchip.pdf" that introduces a simple li-ion charger, that you could build it yourself. Have in mind that no "easy" way exists to charge your battery, you should at least use a protection IC or something.

    Take care..



  2. Max file size increased to 5000KB but i don't think Ante became happy ??? There is a limit on the HD space so it can't be increased too much.

    Also rar files are allowed from now on.

    For such a large files (60MB) i suggest you to open a free hosting account (ex geocities or similar) and post the link on each message you want to include the file. If the file is already available online just post the link.

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