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  1. i can conect small SLA battery but i think that alternator"s charge curent is to hight
  2. hi is it posable to use car alternator without conect battery to him ? To conect inverter directly to the alternator
  3. Hi i need some low power transistor that his base curent somthink about 30-40 ma and the collector curent 200-300ma.can somone help me?
  4. thanks for help but my english i not so perfect i need this multivbrator for 12 to 220 power inverter for driving two power mosfets i is that possible?
  5. how much gate voltage and curent need for turn on a power mosfet?
  6. hi i am new here and my english is not so good i am looking for transistor based multivibrator like this http://www.dieelektronikerseite.de/Pics/Formeln/Astabiler%20Multivibrator.GIF that provide 50hz what the vaules of the resistors,caps i ned to get 50hz output and what transisors i must use ?
  7. hi can i use tip142 for the darlington pair in 500wat inverter to rdive 2n3055s
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