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  1. Dears,

    I am making an op-amp driven audio-amplifier.

    For the input gain control, I used a pot.

    This actually cuts some of the frequencies of audio and creates a distortion.

    Please guide me how best I could make a gain control


  2. Our 500W square-wave inverter project was fixed and used in The Philippines to power incandescent and fluorescent lights, and multi-voltage TVs. It uses cheap 2N3055 transistors because power Mosfets were not available.


    Well; Do these fluorescent lights are normal fluorescent (220VAC with a choke coil) lamps? are some special creatures?
  3. I have gone through that; mp.

    I must say that was a good model ofcourse.

    But to be more specific, I have raised this question only to know construct an inverter (DC to AC) with a cheap and best technique. Also, at the times, I wanted to know about different techniques employed in the said project.

    Can you people please tell me about a best 50Hz, 12VDC to 220VAC inverter design technique.

    By the way, is the square wave AC suitable for home appliances' (tube light, incandescent light, induction motors, etc.) usage?

  4. Ok...MP.

    Then can you briefly explain what is the design technology of a simple 500VA-1kVA lighting purpose inverter?

    I have heard about using a microcontroller in inverters. But I suppose the above one doesn't use it.

  5. Ok...

    In the cited design of an inverter, you have used LM358 and then the output is fed to one darlington pair and subsequent transistors. Instead, if I use a series of op-amps like LM358s, then does it work that way?

    If I want to use the MOSFETs, then what are suitable substitutes?

  6. Ok...

    For a general purpose lighting inverter, is the model with IC NE555 be useful?

    The technique will be:
    IC 555--->Square Wave AC---->Amplify------>Transformer---->output.

    Will it work this way?

    Which one do you prefer, 12-0-12 to 220-0 (backwards) or 0-12 to 220-0 (backwards) for this case?

  7. i.e. 4047 produces 2 square wave ACs and you are amplifying it by op-amps and further by set of transistors. and finally feeding it to a 12-0-12 to 220-0 transformer.

    My question : Is there any IC which produces sinewave signals (2 sets opposite in phase to each other)?

    What is the difference in using this type of inverter compared with the sine-one?

    What if I use 555 and amplify using the same topology and finally feeding it to a 12-0 to 220-0 type transformer?

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