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  1. Im doing a project, and it's really sorta small, ... its a 4" cube..... I'm trying to build a binary clock for it.

    current time - for me anyways

      O o O o
    o O o o O o

    where "O" is on and "o" is off. Does anyone have any ideas for this? It is running off of a small voltage probably 5 volts...

    I know I could build a 60hrz counter useing some 555 timers (yeah me and thoes 555s...) but i'd like something much more accurate.

    Do you know of a good way to do this? Maybe an integrated curcuit of some sort?

  2. Ah, fast on off. Me and my teacher came up with the idea of using a bunch of N555 timers with different frequencies. Each timer will control 2 LEDs. So when the signal is positive, the one LED is on and when the signal is negative, another LED is on. Using different frequencies allows for random lights. Now, of course, this isn't really random but it will suffice.

    But any other ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  3. Why does it have to be an LCD?
    Why not something simpler?
    In order to read the resistance you need two wires, if you only have 5 wires...!???
    Why not just buy a 100 $5 ohmmeters?
    Why not look for schematics on line?

    You might want to buy a simply ohmmeter, rip it apart, throw it a way, buy a new one, carfully take it apart, and map the circut. You will have just created a schematic of an ohmeter. You will then know all of the componets and values needed to build your own.

    Your best bet would to buy a bunch of cheap basic ohmmeters. It will be cheaper in the long run...

  4. I have 64 LEDs aligned in an 8 by 8 square, I want to create a circut that will choose a random number of LEDs, random LEDs, and a random length of time off/on.

    Basiclly, it's a random light show. I don't have room to play with either, so it's quite difficult.

    Any one know a good way to do this?

    My electronics instructor suggested a random number generator to produce random numbers, then some sort of circut to use that number. There must be a better way.......


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