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  1. good web site in the USA is: http://www.pololu.com/
  2. Nice to meet you Fatal_Byte, i think that you can find a lot of ideas for your projects at this web site: http://www.lynxmotion.com Alberto
  3. GreekPic, something wrong with your board or with the Schematic? See the diodes directions.
  4. GreekPic, how do you connect the motors to the pcb? I use Turbocnc too but nothing moves!... witch settage have you used? Yours 4.7K resistor networks are 7+1 pin or 4x2? i never understand the true!
  5. how can i calculate them? wich is the general formula?
  6. In the schematic i have seen two resistors RM1 and RM2. Where can i find values?
  7. MP i have tested my parallel port without ucn 5804B. first with leds an after with a digital volmeter and when pin 2-3-4 are hight (stepper pulse) and pins 5-6-7 (stepper dir) there are only 2.6volt!!! How can i do? Is a problem of turbocnc? (there are a lots of parameters to specific! as frequenze.... ) My cnc computer is an IBM aptiva pentium1 133Mhz You think that an Opto-Isolated version is the solution?
  8. MP i have a question for you: If you measure with a digital volmeter pin 11 and 14 of ucn5804B which value do you have (before and after a motor startup)? I think that my ttl computer parallel port voltage il too low! Before the motor startup pin 11 is 0.23V and after 0.53 V but anything moves it can be the resistor network? (On pin 14 i have a value of 6.7V and my software is turbocnc)
  9. Mp i think that it's the best choice, because with less dimensions it offers greater power as regards a traditional one. I found that toroidal in a old power supply bought in a surplus shop. it has a diameter of 100 mm and develops about 22Amp without any buzzing or overheating. The best thing is that I have paid for it only 12 euro!!! ;D
  10. Here you are some pictures of my electronics box with 3-Axis Stepper Controller and relay board! ;D
  11. Dear Mp i like turboCNC but also i like delcam PowerMill
  12. This is a siple way to obtain a very inexpensive CNCmill! It can engrave metal very well! What do you think about? i think that it's a good idea!
  13. Dear MP i have built the relay board and it work well, but i have a problem: mine 3-Axis stepper controller board work at 26.2Volt (20-1.4*1.41) and my electric trasformer(20V 3A) have just one secondary.How can i take 12V to power the relay board and a little cooler fan (12V 2.3W)? I must buy a little transformer (12v-500mA ex.) to power them or there is a solution from 26v to 12 volt? ???
  14. MP i copy the schematic of status LED in this site (SUB RELAY BOARD) if you think that there are problems the article must be correct. But probably is my not good electronics.
  15. Thank you MP this is the ultimate version. you think that the relay status LED schematic and resistor value are correct?
  16. Mp thank you! I have made with fidocad a simple relay board trought your schematic. I think it wil be usefull to the comunity. I hope that there aren't mistake! RELAY BOARD COMPONENT LIST: R.1-4 4.7K R.2-3 47K R.5-6 560 D.1-2 1N4001/..02/..03 (see if the watt rating is ok with your circuit) D.3-4 5mm LED U1-2 2N3906 Relay1-2
  17. MP i see yours schematic but i have a question: when i connect the circuit, a wire is the signal from lpt port but when i put +12volt and gng from power supply, i must connect also the gng lpt port to the power supply ground or it is a separete circuit with only +12 and gng of power supply and just lpt signal pin without lpt gng? wich modify if i have 28.2 volt? as power supply? I'm sorry but i'm not very good in electronics....
  18. Dear GreekPic, i think that your idea is wonderfull!! I use to engraving "KellyCam" software and it work good but i'm not very good in electronics! could you help me? Could you drawing a simple electronic schematic?Please.... or explain better your idea? :o
  19. I would like to drive ;Da water pump(220Vac) to cool during the cut of the metals through the 3-Axis stepper controller board how to do? is it possible?
  20. I have found a lot of pictures of engraving machine on the web but no one wich use the 3-Axis Stepper Controller board that we use. I have some questions: 1)I have three stepper motors with 6 wires: (red) (red/white) (green) (green/white) (black/orange) (yellow/red) how to connect them to the board? (1.8 step/
  21. do you have any photography of your projects? I am realizing the mechanical part and would like if possible some advice... please.. ???
  22. how to connect an eight threads stepper motor to the 3-axis stepper controller board? ::)
  23. CNCMADMAN, G00 means quick point to point positioning and G96 means constant cut speed so your expression "G00 G96 X.0 Y.0 Z.02" does not have sense. ;)
  24. can i use the 3-axis stepper controller with the serial port of my computer if i use parallel to serial port converter? ;D
  25. wich software to use with the 3-axis stepper controller? i'don't like dancad.
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