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  1. MP i have tested my parallel port without ucn 5804B.
    first with leds an after with a digital volmeter and when pin 2-3-4 are hight (stepper pulse) and pins 5-6-7 (stepper dir) there are only 2.6volt!!!
    How can i do?
    Is a problem of turbocnc? (there are a lots of parameters to specific! as frequenze.... )
    My cnc computer is an IBM aptiva pentium1 133Mhz
    You think that an Opto-Isolated version is the solution?

  2. MP i have a question for you:
    If you measure with a digital volmeter pin 11 and 14 of ucn5804B which value do you have (before and after a motor startup)?
    I think that my ttl computer parallel port voltage il too low! Before the motor startup pin 11 is 0.23V and after 0.53 V but anything moves it can be the resistor network?
    (On pin 14 i have a value of 6.7V and my software is turbocnc)


  3. Mp i think that it's the best choice, because with less dimensions it offers greater power as regards a traditional one.
    I found that toroidal in a old power supply bought in a surplus shop.
    it has a diameter of 100 mm and develops about 22Amp without any buzzing or overheating.
    The best thing is that I have paid for it only 12 euro!!! ;D

  4. Dear MP i have built the relay board and it work well, but i have a problem:
    mine 3-Axis stepper controller board work at 26.2Volt (20-1.4*1.41) and my electric trasformer(20V 3A) have just one secondary.How can i take 12V to power the relay board and a little cooler fan (12V 2.3W)?
    I must buy a little transformer (12v-500mA ex.) to power them or there is a solution from 26v to 12 volt?

  5. Mp thank you! I have made with fidocad a simple relay board trought your schematic. I think it wil be usefull to the comunity.
    I hope that there aren't mistake!


    R.1-4 4.7K
    R.2-3 47K
    R.5-6 560
    D.1-2 1N4001/..02/..03 (see if the watt rating is ok with your circuit)
    D.3-4 5mm LED
    U1-2 2N3906

  6. MP i see yours schematic but i have a question:
    when i connect the circuit, a wire is the signal from lpt port but when i put +12volt and gng from power supply, i must connect also the gng lpt port to the power supply ground or it is a separete circuit with only +12 and gng of power supply and just lpt signal pin without lpt gng?
    wich modify if i have 28.2 volt? as power supply?
    I'm sorry but i'm not very good in electronics....

  7. Dear GreekPic, i think that your idea is wonderfull!! I use to engraving "KellyCam" software and it work good but i'm not very good in electronics! could you help me? Could you drawing a simple electronic schematic?Please.... or explain better your idea? :o

  8. I have found a lot of pictures of engraving machine on the web but no one wich use the 3-Axis Stepper Controller board that we use.

    I have some questions:

    1)I have three stepper motors with 6 wires:
    (red) (red/white) (green) (green/white) (black/orange) (yellow/red)
    how to connect them to the board? (1.8 step/


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