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  1. hello again!

    My instructor finally accepted the concept of my group project! Hurray!

    This project is an electronic finder using radio waves to activate the receiver to alarm. A device would be clip to the object and would sound and/or light when a remote control has been triggered.

    Its main application is to find valuable item easier. The concept was originally based on Keys Finder found on Projects->Misc of this site.

    Now, we proposed the title 'Object Finder' but was rejected :( They said it was too simple lacking a charm that would help attract people from buying the product. The project was for a market perspective.

    Here's what my group mem suggested titles:
    Item Finder
    Finder RAV4 (from Toyota)
    Gotcha! (funny! hehe)
    Electronic Item Detector

    uhh.. could anyone suggest more?
    Thanks a lot :D

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