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  1. I want to replace the current working dial gauges with digital read outs and or led bar graphs, using the current wiring harnesses for the inputs.  Here's what I want in the dash..nothing special. I got all of the tech. information out of a service manual for my car

    Speedometer - 3 7 seg displays and 20 LEDs for a graph (1 at every 5 M/H, the car can't go over 100M/H ... darn rev limiters) Selectable M/H or Km/H would be nice as I go to Canada sometimes, but M/H is more important as I live in the US
    --60 M/h at 1076 RPMs of Vehicle Speed Sensor, 60Km/H at 637 RPMs of Vehicle Speed Sensor

    Tachometer - 2 7 seg displays and 8 LEDs for a graph (1 at every 1000 RPMs, the car redlines around 8000 RPMs)
    --100 RPMs at 200pulses/min. of Ignition Control Module

    Odometer - 6 7 seg displays, I want it setable to start from what the car has now

    Trip meter - 3 7 seg displays, resetable counter

    Fuel Gauge - leds or displays(Fuel Tank capacity is 11.9 gal) not picky
    --resistance from float is 105-108ohms Empty and 3.5-5ohms Full

    Temp. Gauge - leds or displays, not picky
    --thermistor ranges from 20Kohms to 0.1Kohms

    A/T position Indicator - P, R, N, 4, 3, 2, 1 it's a Honda, so it has a D4 and D3.  I know how to display each one on it's own 7 or 13 seg display, but I wanted to be able to display them all on a single 13 seg

    I want to do all of this using ICs and discreet components to keep cost down. I have schooling in Electronics, so wiring and soldering are not problems for me
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