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  1. I've had a terrible time trying to get this circuit to work on a breadboard. The most I've had it do it make a faint noise when I put the headphones in. I think Im putting the last section together(U5). Just ordered some vero board, i know where I am when Im soldering :)
  2. I see. Think I've got 1 on an old cable finder. Another question, whilst searching for the Op-Amps, I have found TL072, but there is a variety, each with different letters after them, IE; TL072CP TL072CDR TL072ACD etc etc.. Will any of these do the job? Ta, Philip
  3. Thank you very much :) It will be a good project, just having trouble sourcing the 2.2K to 10K audio-taper. Im in the UK and cant seem to find it anywhere, might have to start taking things apart :D Philip
  4. Hi, Im not so new to electronics, but new to building from scratch. I repair mobile phone circuits for a living, and Im not sure if its a confidense issue, but have never really built a decent project, and this is 1 that I want to build. My girlfriend is pregnant and thought it would be good if I could pick up the babys heartbeat. But Im not sure if this would work so well for that, dont they use US to detect heartbeats if you go to the hospital. I would love to make this as a present for her. Any ideas if it would work, if it needs further amplification Im sure I can figure it out. Thanks, Philip
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