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  1. Hi all. I'm thinking of making intermittent wiper controller the way attached schematic points but I'm thinking of modifying it a little bit. My car does have intermittent wiper but it has same interval all the time. I would like to use the same switch but instead using a new relay i think of using the one that car all ready have. This (I think) could be achieved by replacing relay (in schematic) with some sort of transistor which would just pass the impulse to the original car relay just as if I pulled the handle once (for wipers to wipe only once). As you can guees I don't know how to implement my idea so please help. Cheers


  2. I've just read the posts all of you made. The problem most probably is not in registry. First check that all of your hardware devices are totaly operational. If you have for example a hard disk that has gone a litle bad over the years windows might try over and over to connect to it but I think that is not the case. If antivirus showed no viruses try checking windows services. Sometimes one of them can get stuck and never mind reboot it will be stuck again. I had the same problem with WWW service being stuck and making me unable to get any properties from a file/folder. Also open your task manager and look if any program/service is consuming a lot of CPU. This can also gave you a basic idea of whats wrong. As for programs leaving some info in registry, that should not be a problem. Registry was made to work that way. Also system restore will not put your wirus back in the system becouse it will copy old files from a cd. You will just need to put all the patches again after restore. Hope this helps. Cheers

  3. I've builded this simple preamp with my friend for his guitar. It is more less just a simple active-out for guitar 'couse it is connected directly to magnet pickup. It worked like a charm. No distortion and clean sound. Best thing is it is as simple as it gets. I posted pictures below but try this link also for a little different wersion of the same pre-amp




  4. audioguru is right, but tnx to you both. cables in my home are all ready pretty big. i meen they are standart power cables that are used for electronic instalationas and I think ther are preety much capapble of providing much more current and voltage than my pump needs. but can you give me some standard values of those capacitors. I know they are expensive but I have to fix this. it is anoying me. cheers ;D 8)

  5. No. Not yet.
    My brain is to tired right now of all learnig I have to do for universitiy, and learning about electronics circuits is on hold till further notice becouse of that >:( :( :'(

    But I'm most probably ask my few friends who have more expirience in these things to build me a hihg voltage transformer. 8)

    I will most probably build it becouse I have chronic bronhitis (don't know if this is the right expresion) and the way I figure it if I make this ionizer it will help me breathe easier during the winter days (becouse heat from the radiators makes air more dry and thus its hevier to breathe and ionizer fresens it) :P

    Here I am talking about my medical problems. I wonder what's next ??? ;)

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