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  1. Hi bob!  ;D
    a PM is a shortened form of Personal Message. on top of the page you can see an alert if you have a new message..  things not related with Electronics should be discussed using the PM system.. when you send a PM only the user in the "To:" field receives the message while  if you post a message to the board, Everybody can read it!

  2. Maybe, it's because this site simply contains more info than any other website, that is why downloading takes longer..  lolz.. ;D or maybe, it's because we are nearing the 20,000 members  8) mark..  ;Dthe eLab is getting crowded.. guess it's time for a little upgrading!

    uhhmm.. not from here.. i even open the topics in different windows (sometimes more than ten windows) but i can view the page is a matter of seconds..

  3. Hi jay!  ;D

    i think it would be best to have your posts in english.. you can always send us (pinoys here)  PM's if you want to have a little chit chat.. the posts are for every to read.. i have found a thread about "posting instructions" but the link doesn't work now and nobody aswered where it was moved.. http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?topic=2641.0

    windowze, i apologize in behalf of jaykool.. and thanks for answering my inquiry about PIC..  ;)

  4. Hi jack!  ;D

    i exactly don't know what the book is about but from its title, and the fact that it is posted in an ELectronics forum, you can have a pretty good idea what it is about.. The book seems like an ELectronics newbies' dreambook that is why a lot is requesting for it..  8)

  5. [move] ???????????????????????????????????????????????????[/move]

    i've alwayz encontered PICX#X#X### in the forum.. What is it? anyone patient enough to give a newbie an explanation.. thanks..  8)

  6. lolz.. you got me there virus!  ;D ehehe.. anyway, i think there will be more of "anna" in my workplace.. wish me luck in finding a decent job..  ;)

    i have joined laots of forums, this is the only one that i am active because of the really nice discussions.. it's just like school.. i learn everyday reading the posts..  let's keep up the good work!  ;D

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