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  1. I need to control a DC motor using PWM signal from a microcontroler. I found several componets easy to use but they are low current. The motor that I'm going to control works with 12V and 35 amps in pick. Once I will reverse it frequentily I think that I should make a project considering 35 amps nominal current.
    I don't have experience in this kind of project, so that I need some help with circuits and components.

  2. I've made a board which has four 7seg. displays multiplexed. They are connected at the same bus and a PIC controls the turn on and off time of each one of them. The problem is that, in Brazil, PIC is not so cheap and I would like to use a digital circuit to make it. The project is kind of a counter so that, it is not necessary to use a microcontroler. All I need to do is connect four different counters in the same bus. Can anybody help me with suggestions or circuits that could make it?
    Another doubt that I have is about the noise caused by the mechanical contact of the buttom. Using a microcontroler I know how to 'don't see' the noise. How can I do this kind of thing using CMOS counter? Is there an ic that do this?

  3. Hi all...
    I'm creating a board for PIC learners that has only leds, display e switches. To make this project, I'm using EAGLE but I found some problems with layout. The switches I have are differents from those which EAGLE has is its library. I have some with only two pins and others with six. I've been trying to find another software, like Tango but I was unsuccesfuly. Can anybody give suggestions? I think that I'll have to design the switch that I have, but I wasn't able to do this at EAGLE. Is that possible?


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