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  1. I've already done that. I got 3 slide pots with center detent from a busted stereo but I need rotary ones. I got one out of an old 14" monitor but need 3 more... I don't want to start dismandling working appliances... ;)
  2. Do you know where I can find them? Online source prefferably.
  3. Ok, thanks. Next time I canibalize a CD-ROM I'll be more carefull... How yould a circuit that uses the photodiode look like?
  4. I used the first. It's not a disaster if I burnt it, I'm just trying to understand lasers. How can it give light if it's burned? Can the "simple LED action" the guy describe be on if it's burned? Nikolas
  5. So, I had this laser diode from a CD-ROM, with the help of this site: http://members.misty.com/don/laserdio.htm#diodct2 I was able to find the pinout. I powered it using this schematic: http://members.misty.com/don/laserdio.htm#diodct3 I pointed the beam to the wall and looked through my NVG. I saw an illuminated circle (dimmer than an IR LED can provide) and it was short of "stripped", illuminated and dark lines. I read in that page: For a current below the lasing threshold for your laser diode, there will be some emission due to simple LED action. I guess that's what happening, I need more current?
  6. So I can use an IR emitter instead of a IR LED?
  7. I've seen IR emmiters for remote controls, what's their difference from ordinary IR LEDs? Narrower beam angle?
  8. Why don't you try this: http://www.deskam.com/deskncrt.html Requires: MSDOS 3.3 or Higher
  9. Sorry, I meant visible with night vision equipment, I want to use the IR LEDs. I like the 2+2 alternating LEDs design, I think this is what I'll do. Thanks, Nikolas
  10. Thanks Audioguru. Oops! I forgot to say I use a 9V battery. So for 4 leds (I want to place them at right angles so they're visible 360
  11. Ok, guys, I made the attached circuit and is working. I substituted the red LED with an IR one and it's still working. Should I change anything? Am I pushing the IR too much or on the contrary not getting all I can out of it? If I want to use 4 LEDs I guess I should change the 1K resistor, right? To what? Thanks, Nikolas
  12. Trigger the header writes: PCB FILE 9 VERSION 2.70 I found the site where I downloaded it from and in other projects this guy says he used Protel. So I guess it might be the same. Is there any free demo of Protel? Thanks, Nikolas
  13. http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/pc/008/index.html
  14. What's the ratio? Maybe the program in which you make the *.hpgl is using the wrong units. Are you using inches or mm? Can you set a dafault in either program?
  15. I use TurboCNC and it doesn't support HPGL, only G-code. Have you checked your scale settings in Kcam? There's got to be a way to set that 1 step=...mm (or in).
  16. Trolex I've only made the board in Postcript format. I haven't milled any boards yet, I'm still tweaking the desing and handwriting G-code. I etched the board the old fashion way... Nikolas
  17. I have a zipped project (can't remember where I found it) with the boards in *.pcb format. Which program opens them? Any way I can import them into Eagle? Nikolas
  18. SmartKit usually includes deliberate errors in their schematics. If you buy the kit everything is ok. If you try to make it from the schematic, no joy... Do you mean this one: http://www.electronics-lab.com/forum/index.php?board=2;action=display;threadid=2488;start=1#msg15286
  19. What country? Do you have DigiKey?
  20. Maybe a linear or angular position encoder. Print a binary patern and read the position with the CCD converting the binary value to decimal.
  21. RobiD, have you checked the board without the motors? Do the UCN outputs sequence when there is a step pulsetrain? Yes, it depends heavily on the software. TutboCNC works on DOS and a 486 will do. Mach 2 needs XP so the PC must comply...
  22. Well, not much of a picture but it's quite simple
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