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  1. http://hackaday.com/2008/10/30/flickering-led-circuit/ thats the easiest one i could find i hope it helps
  2. This is pretty cool ... I cant imagine the work that went into that. Just thought i would share.
  3. THE CHIP FOR THIS DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE :o !!!! It is not sold by the manufacturer any more but i am sure you can find it around somewhere. I made the same project and ended up making my own program because i couldn't find the PIC used in that project. Also that glass thing is no longer sold by IKEA. Thanks for posting the bugs I had a lot of trouble with them when I made it. So this page would have been useful at the time!!! hahaha But i figured them all out. However, this is great for the people who can't figure them out. Also if everyone hasn't already seen it, this is my first post so, HELLO ELECTRONICS-LAB. This is a great site and i hope to learn a lot. I am an electronics beginner looking to improve and better understand the complex world. My dad is an advanced electronics hobbiest so I hope to become skilled like him. I am currently making a synthisiser out of a dual 555 timer. I will post the schematic and final project when i am finished. The project is based of of http://www.reconnsworld.com/audio_tonegenerate.html that schematic. So i might ask a few questions about that. -lil PopTart kid
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