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  1. ??? can anybody explain how this power supply works & what is the proper method of troubleshooting? thanks in advance
  2. thanks guys still great help for newbies like me!!! ;D
  3. thanks anyway but any suggestions regarding in buliding projects so that I may be able to understnd some electronics that may be connected in tv repair. Im really sorry guys if having so many quesrions is just that I really want to learn. Thanks and God Bless
  4. ??? Hello guys its me again i just started reading and studying basic electronics and I also started to assemble some electronic project kits. Still I need more practice. As of now I enrolled in a training seminars( basic electronics and Radio servicing) to pursue my knowledge in electronics but basically I really, really want to learn to repair a Pc- Monitor guys and Television( I really want to focus myself in monitor and TV repair only after this seminar. Any suggestions guys... on how to pursue myself in repairing monitors... while having this seminar .. can you give me some tips or some background in TV so Ill have a background in case I already started to reapir TV .. any advice. any books,sites, tutorials, person that in can talk to, any under the sun ...
  5. ;D thanks guys i think this will help me !! Regarding my self study in electronics thanks anyway guys ....
  6. ??? hello guys pls. post for some tutorial sites regarding basic electronics i want to learn guys thanks in advance.
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