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  1. And yet another question from me :) I'm designing a PCB for the PSU at the moment, but there's something in the schematic that's not entirely clear to me. On U2 there are 2 pins that do not have a number next to them. I figured that it shoud be pins 1 and 8, but i just wanted to double check... So can anyone confirm this?
  2. Just to be sure: If I change the circuit to the one I've attached It would measure Current instead of Voltage right? Edit: I need it to measure 0-3A
  3. Is it possible to use a 2N6578 instead of the 2N3055?
  4. I was aware of that. I was a bit confused about pins 2 and 3, but i guess i dont even need those two.
  5. Hi, i'm thinking of using this cap as C1 but I'm not sure if its a good one for this project. Some pictures: There are four pins at the bottom, 1,2,3 and 5. The arrows for indicating the negative side are pointed towards pin 5. My question: can this cap be used as C1, and how do i connect it (what pins do i use)? thanks.
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