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  1. It is a regular analog speedometer connected via a cable (mechanical that is) fitted on the front fork
  2. Dear electronics-lab community, I have decided to build one of the many speedometers (for my motorcycle) I have found around in the internet.Unfortunately all of the projects dont include the sensor or even imply one.I have searched through the internet (and electronics-lab) for such a kind of sensor. I have found magnet sensors and hall effect that apply to similar low speed/revolution projects.I havent found a project that certifies that any of the above stated sensors would be reliable or even work at the speed of 200km/h. This is where the community steps in.Has anyone actually had any experience with the kind of sensor I am looking? P.S Thank you in advance atheos_mb Mechanical Engineer and Aeronautics Undergraduate student
  3. Thanks for posting this link friend. The output is on an alphanumeric display ( only numbers and characters can be displayed on ).I want to take this on the next level on a TFT VGA display which has no limitations An additional project that can also be used on a motorcycle/car that is completely useless though,can be found on www.serasidis.gr ( includes english version ) and it mesures the g ( gravity force ) on one axis. P.S Monochrome LCD displays ( for car/bike speedometers etc ) are still at large and in my opinion the reason for this is their functionability.I live in a country with intense sunlight and its prety difficult to read the display on a vga tft. Example : In an effort to extinguish this problem Toyota has a car model called YARIS or VITZ ( differs from country to country ) and has put the instument panel far in a tunel on the dashboard as to avoid direct sunlight hitting the display and thus making it difficult to read it
  4. Hello everyone, I am now actually thinking out loud.I dont believe I have the knowledge to build this idea I came across. My goal is to remove the instuments from my motorcycle ( for starters speedometer and RPM ) and replace them with a VGA tft LCD ( most propably about 7" ) and the gauges to be displayed on the lcd.Analog gauges that is,on the LCD. If thats possible at ALL,I would like to add the following specs : ** Different looks on the gauges ( to make it look from a gsxr to a cbr or an R1 or even a concept gauge ) ** Customized gauges : change the color of the elements of the gauge ( needle backround etc ) I believe this project requires microcontrollers. PLEASE keep in mind that these are thoughts and I would to like to hear your thoughts and comments on the projects and hints as well P.S Thanks to all the moderators and members who reply and contribute to the community P.S 1 Child imagination is what makes us engineers ( civil,mechanical,space,electrical,electronic ) Best regards
  5. Hello again, I would like to thank audioguru and kevin for taking a look in my problem.To be honest I didnt get the answer I was looking for but you solved a problem I never saw (thanks to audioguru for the schematics) Since english is not my mother language a)I will assume that a "center-tapped 56V/8A" is a transformer with a primary and secondary windings ( that means no dual voltage) b)To my first question again.When I see e.g 2x28V/8a,the 8A is for the total current or for each winding? Thank you for your patience atheos
  6. Hello guys In articles pages (http://www.electronics-lab.com/articles/uv_box_hg/index_en.html) there is this project on how to build a UV exposure box using mercury lamps.I have build this project and although I left the pcb for about 30mins nothing happend. a)For the lamps I asked and bought mercury vapor lamp not the same brand though as in the pics located at the project page b)Yes I bought the special PCB with photosencitive surface Thank you in advance atheos
  7. Hello guys, In the Projects->audio section (http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/audio/017/) there is this amplifier project to be built.Somewhere in the middle there is the power supply schematics link (marked bright red).The supply to be constructed gives output +-40V/8A.The transformer should give 2x28V/8A. My question is when ordering the transformer of 2x28V 8A,8A should be for each winding or for total? Thank you in advance atheos
  8. Thanx Dazza and MP for your replies. I do know how to solder I ve constructed many projects but its the first time am facing smt since am an amateur.I will try to find a finer tip and try again.Although I used braids to take the solder of the multiple pins I connected I had no success. What is flux and "pads to come loose from the board" described in MPs reply? Thanx
  9. Hello, I have disassembled a Ps2 console and I tried to chip it but there are parts where I should solder wires to surface mount componets.Unfortunately I dont have experiance with smt and do not know how to solder.I have a soldering station but its too wide to solder these fine points.Is there special equipment to solder surface mount componets? Thank you in advance Best Regards atheos_mb
  10. Dear Ante, Thank you for the information
  11. Hello, I want to build a circuit for security reasons.I have a platform and I dont want the platform to function when the weight reaches 3000Kg (including platform + cargo weight).I dont know what kind of sensor I should be using.I just want a circuit idea.The emphasis of this project is the mechanical part so easy electronic schematics without even part numbers is not a problem. Thank you in advance Best regards atheos_mb Greece
  12. Hello, I would like to thank audioguru for taking the time and answering my question Best Regards Greece
  13. Hello, I am new to this site and my electronic knowledge stops back at high school.In this topic SASI refers to http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/markets/mms/products/analog/key_solutions/amplifiers/index.html and http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/acrobat/datasheets/TDA1560Q_4.pdf Now if you go to the 2nd page where there is the datasheet of TDA1560Q there is a basic circuit on how to utilize the IC.If i build that circuit will it work or its mentioned for theoritical purposes? Thank you in advance Greece
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