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  1. tweak232, so you're a BSD fanboy, what do you think of Linux?

    Do you prefer BSD?

    Honestly, It has been several months since I have used either. I think that linux could be consitered more mature, as far more people use is and work on improving it. But If you want something closer to the original roots; like System IV, bsd is what would be closest.

    If anyone feels that they may have an intrest in linux, but is not dedicated enough to install it on their system (or if the system is not their own to begin with). There is a live cd out, that runs the entire os on cd-rom, and a ramdisk: it is called knoppix, try it, you have nothing to lose: http://knoppix.com/. It has come a long way from version 3.2, and even supports ntfs.
  2. First i bougt a kit, I got one from radioshack, which it fairly nice as it includes breadboard, components, and 2 workbooks on digital and analog circuts. I have nothing to compare it to, but I just bought a sodering iron, so I would work on using the breadboad first, then later buy a sodering iron, once you get it I would try to only do simple soders first (like aligator clips), there are sodering turorials somewhere if you look.

  3. I just got a new iron and heated it up, but didn't tin the tip immedietly and now it won't heat the soder, except places that don't look oxidized. What should I do, just sandpaper it, and what should I do to keep my tip in good condition?

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