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  1. I have requested some parts from NT. At first my 1st mail at hotmail required that i pay because they had too many req from that email provider. After that i put my other mail, but someone after 2 days reported that they couldn't give me samples.
    ANd all these because i am wrote no company i just put student..
    I had requested 5 X 3914LM.

  2. Hi all 1st post here
    And to start quickly here are some questions...
    1) On post #93 someone asked about higher Voltage rating Caps can be used (change a 50V to a 250V) but he went to sleep :P
    So is it possible ? The voltage rating of caps refers to how quickly does the Cap releases its energy ?
    2) IS there an updated PCB image yet ?
    3) In a previous post you audioguru say
    "Our project doesn't specify a part number for D6"
    But i see on the project page that says D6=1N4148
    In the end shall we use the BZY79C5V6 you suggest ?
    Or you did a typo, and you meant changing D7 and D8 ??

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